Why Us?

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Serena`s Travertine comes from an exceptional compact stone quarried at 4500 meters in the Central Andes.

The amazing hardness, consistency and low porosity of our stone enables Serena to cut large sizes of tiles in 1 cm of thickness (1.8 x 0.3m x 1cm), allowing great savings in transportation, freights and other logistic costs. Below are the main technical characteristics:

  • Water absorption :                %           0.38 average
  • Density (specific weight) g/cm3     2.60 average
  • Flexion Resistance            Kg/cm2 98.6 average

We offer the best conditions and exports in markets of  USA, Europe, South America, Far East and all over the countries around the world. Beside the material quality and  beauty we have a strong packing polices which assures the customer satisfaction in all global markets.